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O.K. now be honest with me! Do you really think that Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer are a couple?

They don’t even look like they would give each other the time of day. What is up with all of this “time” that the two are doing with each other?

She so does not seem his type. I just wanna know when she is gonna find true love and start a family? She is almost 40 years old. I know this is her life and she can do what she wants but for somebody who says she wants a family sure isn’t in no big hurry to do it.

You guys tell me what you all think????

If she is happy then I’m happy for her. Good Luck!


I know that everybody is a little confused right now with the whole Kat & Orbi thing cause I know I am. I was shocked when I saw pics of her and Nikki Sixx kissing cause I thought Kat & Orbi had a great relationship. I was wrong!!!!

Somebody please tell me is it true that Kat & Orbi called off their engagement and now she is dating Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx.

I know that both of them where getting divorced around the same time and where there for each other as friends. Which is cool, I just really liked Orbi and thought he was good for her.

I wonder if they are gonna air their breakup on the show and how it went about. Are they still friends and all that kinda thing. We will see!!!


Could it be that the two are actually together again!!!

That is what a lot of people where thining when they saw Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson together on Sunday at Madonna’s Post Oscars party.

I’ll be honest I think the two of them together are cute. Kate Hudson is beautiful and Owen Wilson is very charming in his comedic way.

They where seen all over each other, having lots of fun and even going to eachothers houses. I wonder if its just some kinda little fling or something? Maybe there just friends who knows???

Whatever it is I hope they stay friends!!!!


I don’t know people, it could be true or just a little lets keep everybody guessinggame. But it looks like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard might be a couple.

She is a cutie and he’s alright, but who would have thought those two would be a couple?

I will so keep all of you posted. What are your thoughts on this? Tell me do you think they make a cute couple or is it not gonna last?????


We’ve been hearing about it for a couple of months now, and they have constantly denied reports of them being an item. BUT are they really telling us all the truth???

I was surfing the net and came across an article that said Milo Ventimiglia had made a trip to N.Y. to hang out with the whole Panettier (grandparents included) family. Not only that but her mom really likes him and thinks he’s so cute. Now why would a 30 year old man go visit an 18 year old and her whole family??? One of several reasons, One could be that he just likes her and her family and see them as part of his family or two they really are a couple. I mean I see them still as uncle and niece from HEROS, (not as an item) but who an blame the girl? Milo Ventimiglia is very hot!!!!!!

I’m sure the truth will eventually come out!


What is up with that people? Paris Hilton partying in Las Vegas this weekend with non other than Britney Spears ex Kevin Federline????? WOW, all I have to say is “Never saw that one coming?”

I guess they both were hosting parties in two different locations then somehow ended up with the two of them haning out in Hilton’s room Saturday after leaving the club. Hhmm! Then, they were seen together again on Sunday at PURE, but a little less friendly. They mingled for a while then each drank a shot of tequila.

I wonder what is going on with those two? I hope that she wouldn’t get involved with him, he’s got too much baggage and she is an heiress. The two just don’t go together very well.


So after denying it for so long, pictures really do say it all. I now really believe that they are dating. It is only obvious in pictures that have been recently released of them in Rome. I mean come on, they look so adorable together and he seems like the kind of guy that has his priorities and life in order.

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal where seen in Rome with her resting her head on his shoulders, them kissing (If that doesn’t say they are then what does?). Just come out and say it, I know its non of our business if they are or aren’t, but we all love to be nosey and want to know, ARE THEY??????


If you are wondering who Tony Romo is, he is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, he was also thought to have been dating Carrie Underwood. He isn’t bad looking might I add. They have been seen together at the N9NE Steak house and also at another team mates house for a party that had guests watching as he would hug her then her hug him back.

I actually think the two make a very cute couple. I wonder how long it will last, although they haven’t officially said they are dating but it sure does look it to me!!!


Have any of you ever seen the t.v. show Fear Factor??? I have an loved it. Anyways for all of you wondering who George Clooney’s new girlfriend is, its Sarah Larson. If she looks familiar to you, its cause you have seen her on Fear Factor. Yep, she was a contestant on Fear Factor and she even won. I don’t know which episode it was that she was on but she does look familiar to me.

Clooney took her with him to the Venice and Deauville film festivals and even had jeweler Bulgari requested for her. Don’t expect him to ask her to marry him though. I don’t think he will ever get married but if he does that girl will be one lucky lady!!!!