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Yes, I am serious. I thought that the information was wrong the first time I heard it as well. It seems however that it is true according to their website. Kmart is officially the only company online that is offering a Lay-Away program. The only retailer of its kind that offers this program. Although I have never been a big fan of the whole lay-away thing I have to say that it is pretty smart of them to have something like this setup with Christmas right around the corner. I mean think about it. If you have a couple of items that you are interested in purchasing but don’t have the money right now than you can’t buy them. Simple as that. But, what happens when you are dealing with a limited quantity item like an ipod in a specific color or a video game console that you want to get for your kids. If you wait til you get the cash in hand to buy it, they may be all sold out until after Christmas and that is a dangerous risk. So I guess that for those people the Kmart Lay-Away
plan is a good option. Personally I saw crib on their site and thought it was just adorable. So it seems that they do have some nice things to buy for Christmas.
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I have noticed that more and more celebrities are crossing the line from big screen to television. The thing is that they are not crossing over to the sitcom industry, they are selling out and doing more and more commercials. If you haven’t seen the VW ads then you might not know what I mean. The thing is that celebs are selling more stuff than they should. Everything from insurance to wholesale fashion jewelry, its getting out of hand. People trust their face and think they are getting a deal if they buy the product that person represents.


If you are looking to get yourself healthy than you might be interested in this product that recently hit the market. It is called Orovo and the big question floating around right now is does orovo work?. Well that is going to be a big question as if it does what it says it does it could revolutionize the industry. Check out the website and give me your thoughts and opinions.


We all watch television. I mean, at least everyone I know watches television. If you are reading this post then you are as infatuated and entertained by celebrities as I am therefore you must be into television and movies as well. As that is the best place to see them all on a regular basis. Point is that we all have to have some sort of television service. So if you are going to get a good television service provider I am suggesting going with Charter. Why, you may ask? Simple. They are having this great contest right now where if you order any Charter service online or simply register today and be automatically entered to win a brand new Honda Civic Hybrid worth $24,000. Now that is one heck of a prize just for signing up for cable that you were probably already going to get anyway. With the way gas prices are nowadays I would love to get rid of my gas guzzling big old truck and trade it up for a nice hybrid. Getting more than 10 miles per gallon would be a really good saving right now. So go to their website check out their many services that they offer and sign up today. Who knows when this contest is over you might just be driving a $24k car.



There is a lot of drama out there that celebrities and athletes bring to the news media. From sex tapes to dwi’s to other forms of scandals. At the same time they bring great joy to a great deal of us on a regular basis. I mean, almost everyone I know can remember their very first sports event. I remember when my son was little I got two tickets to the San Francisco Giants game. He was four years and we went together and had a great time. It was one of those things that we will both remember forever and that is what celebrities and sports can do. Bring families together for a time of fun and memories like never before.

Well, I just found this site that allows people to log in and upload their favorite or most memorable sports videos and events. It is called SportsVids and they have some really cool videos on there already. Check out this funny video that I found where two teams really got into it on the field and it cleared the benches. I bet everyone at that game is going to remember that event. I know that I sure would.


Orioles fight the Red SoxClick here for more sports videos


I don’t know if anyone out there has this new toy by mac yet but if not you have to at the very least check it out. The thing is known for being lighter than air and it practically is. It doesn’t have a lot of features and it could use a little laptop memory to beef it up but for what you get its not bad.


I know this happened a little while back but I don’t recall taking the time to write something about it. George Carlin was a foul mouth crazy comedian who in his own right changed the face of comedy in his era. He is not one of my favorite comedians or even in my top ten but he does deserve the respect of the comedy world. He suffered from Chronic Congestive Heart Failure and it was not a big surprise when he actually passed. Hate to see him go and I know he will be missed in the comedy world.

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”


Attention men out there!!! I know that everyone wants to look their best all the time. The truth is that most of us would all like to look like celebrities all the time but unfortunately our wallets do not allow it. Well, what if I told you that I found a place that could help you with that without putting a big impact on your wallet. If that sounds good to you then pay attention cause I have just what you are looking for.

This is your chance to look like celebrity without all the expensive costs of hiring a high end tailor. I have just come across this website call Well, there site is basically your very own custom tailor online waiting just for you. It is a full custom tailor experience, minus the unnecessary crotch grabbing. All you do is go to this website and go through a simple walk through process. Input your information, type in your measurements, pick your suit fabric and then pick your style. They will fabricate a custom suit specifically for you at your request. Low on cost but high on look you can now have the appearance of your favorite celebrity for a fraction of the cost.

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This is just a post from one parent to another. I have just come across this podcast series about proper nutrition for children. Well not just children but older children. Most people know to make sure your kids eat healthy when they are little. It is when they get older that most parents let their kids slip up and start eating more and more junk food. If you have a child in Jr. High or High School check out these podcasts I think you will find them very informative and helpful.


I was recently down in Orlando car shopping. I live in N. Florida and they have better deals down there so I took the drive. I was looking at the new Mazda’s simply cause I like the body design and need something with better gas mileage. So I did a search on orlando mazda 6 and found a dealership and went that way. Anyway when I was there I saw this very large man walking around. Now he might not have been but I am almost convinced that it was Dwight Howard, the center for the Orlando Magic basketball team. The guy is 6’11″ but he sure looked about 9′ tall to me. If you live in Orlando you can do a search on orlando mazda 3, orlando mazda 5, orlando mazda cx7 or even orlando mazda truck to find the place I was at.