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“Just The Way You Are”……..hmmmm, I guess the lyrics apply to him as well!
I love Bruno Mars voice and his two songs are just great so when I say this I don’t mean to be rude at all.
In case you didn’t know I will give you a brief run down. Last September he was arrested for having been found with cocaine, but not only caught with it but using it of all places a public bathroom at the Hard Rock Hotel.
So, his court hearing was today and he plead out. Part of the deal is he will pay a $2,000 dollar fine (ohhh baby) 200 hrs of community service he will take drug counseling, and if he stays out of trouble his records will be (no shocker) conviction free.
All I know is there are too many celebs lately getting an out of jail free card for illegal drugs, to me not fair but hey I’m not the celebrity now am I???


Elisha Cuthbert’s ex-boyfriend, Sean Avery of the Dallas Stars hockey team has been suspended indefinitely after calling Elisha Cuthert his “sloppy seconds,” reports the Toronto Sun. To be fair, Elisha is currently dating her THIRD NHL player boyfriend, Dion Phaneuf of the Calgary Flames, and before Avery, she dated Mike Komisarek of the Montreal Canadiens. My question here is why does his comment have anything to do with his ability to play the game. Since when do sports associations suspend players for insulting their ex girlfriends. Hell, NFL players commit actual crimes and play the next Sunday.


If you are a fan of America’s Next Top Model as most of us our than you are going to love this new show. The show is called Operation Fabulous and it is a spin off os sorts of ANTM. It features Mr. J & Mrs. J, two of my ANTM favorites, working with normal people and giving them complete makeovers. I can’t wait till this show hits the air.


It seems that Misty May has been injured and will be leaving Dancing With the Stars. That is a real shame as I really thought she had some potential. The official word is that Misty May-Treanor will be leaving the show due to an Achilles tendon injury. She has to make sure that she doesn’t make things any worse as she has the Olympics to worry about as her first priority.


Yep, I said it, and you read it right. Jimmy Smits stabbed a guy on the set of Dexter. Is he going to jail you ask? Of course not. Apparently the whole thing was a mistake. He reached for the knife to stab the stuntman who was tied and gagged on the floor. He grabbed the wrong one by mistake and actually stabbed the stuntman near the heart. The guy is fine of course and Jimmy is in a bit of shock but everything is okay. Why in the world would you keep a real knife next to a prop knife on a set anyway?


That is the name of Sean P Diddy Combs new cologne. It will be hitting the store shelves of Macy’s just in time for Christmas. I have yet to get a good whiff of it to give it a just review but until I do I will say that the name needs some work. I AM KING, I mean seriously. No, you are not. You are actually a bit washed up. But if that is what you want to call it go ahead, won’t make me buy it though.


Well, aren’t we all surprised. Apparently Adnan, Britney’s former paparazzi lover finally admitted that there is no sex tape with him and Britney. He made claims that there was a tape in existence that was filmed in Mexico and was shopping for the best deal. Well, the truth has come out and there is no tape as we all expected. Ooh, what a surprise.


Clay Aiken finally did it, he stepped out of the closet. Well, let’s face it Clay has always been in the closet but at the same time the door was always very wide open. I mean it was no secret to anyone that he was in there at all. We were all waiting on the other side urging him to just take the step out. Now on the cover of people magazine he is admitting he is gay and I think it is a big step for him. We all know and no one really cares so he might as well be honest with himself.


Seems everyone is losing one way or another. It is all across the board that celebrities are getting thinner and thinner. The recent premiere of the new 90210 has made people really start to look at some of these supposed teenage girl role models as way too thin for America’s own good. They were cast at 120 lbs and aired the first episode weighing as little as 90 lbs. I am not sure if these girls were taking weight loss pills or what but there is something wrong when you drop 25% of your body in a couple of months.


Two hours 23 minutes and 28 secs is how long it took Jennifer Lopez to finish her triathlon.

Good for her!! I have been wanting to do something like that for a long time and now that I know she did it makes me wanna go out start training and doing one myself.

Jennifer Lopez did it for charity. The charity she chose was Children’s Hospital of L.A. and raised $127,000.

She said that while she was pregnant, she was watching a triathlon and said hey, I can do that, so she did!! Great Job Jennifer Lopez, we love you!!