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Can you believe it! Twins for Mariah Carey
Her and hubby’s Nick Cannon will be parents to a baby boy and baby girl. Too cool!
I wonder what babies will look like, or will we ever see them? I mean they are so private about everything that they are just now telling us about the sex of the babies and look how long it took them to tell us all she was even pregnant. I totally understand privacy and I’m all for it but come on it’s Mariah Carey, everybody loves Mariah!
Hmmmm, what will they name the babies???


So, now that one of their stars is pregnant, do you think that they are going to be adding it into the show??? That person being Alyson Hannigan, who plays on How I Met You Mother as Lily, is having a baby!!

Alyson Hannigan and her husband, Alexis Denisof, have just announced the happy news and she is due in the Spring. WOW, a lot of spring babies are coming!!

I wish the best of luck for the happy couple and know that they will both be great parents. Their litle bundle of joy is gonna be really cute too.


Ok, I just love Amy Poehler!!! She is very very talented and funny, and I will be sad when she finishes her year with SNL. Yes she is leaving SNL this year to go on to a t.v. series prime time comedy that will air in the Spring. But that isn’t why I’m writing this article.

Amy Poehler and her husband, who is also a comedian, Will Arnett have just had a baby boy!

The little addition to the family was born on Saturday and is named Archie Arnett. He weighed 8 lbs 1 oz.

It was earlier announced on the SNL during the “Weekend Update” by her co-anchor Seth Meyers who told everybody in the cheering crowd, “Amy Poehler is not here tonight because she is having a baby.”

You know the one thing I didn’t know and kinda surprised me was her age. She is 37 years old, and boy she does not look it!! Great Genes I would have to say.

Congrats to the mommy & daddy!!!


So, he served his 166 days of a 8 month sentence.

Yes that is correct Nick Hogan is out of jail. He was released Tuesday morning and is now a free man. But, his family could still possible get sued by the Graziano family.

Do you think that Nick Hogan should have been released this early or do you think he served his time???
I honestly dont know I”m kinda going both ways. I hope he can become a more responsible young man and do something great in his life.


Twins, Twins, Everywhere!!!

Lisa Marie had her babies, and they were twin girls!! How exciting it is to hear such great news about Lisa Marie Presley.

The little ones where born October 7th. They weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and 5 lbs 2oz. How tiny! The girls names are Finley and Harper. Cute names but dont they kinda sound like boy names???? Harper for sure Finley almost.

The babies names were confirmed by Lisa Marie’s Reps and confirmed to PEOPLE.

Congrats to the mommy and daddy!!


Billy Martin, the guitarist from Good Charlotte, is gonna be a daddy!!!

He announced on his website that he and his wife Linzi, who have been married for almost a year and dating for 8, are gonna be parents.

The baby is due in January of next year.

How exciting, don’t you think? He did say that, “I was shocked, but excited”!! I think a lot of people know what he is feeling right now. I wish them a very exciting 9 months and many wondrous adventures with their little one.


Man, is Naomi Watts looking pretty good for, first of all being a mother of almost year and a half old boy and second, for being as pregnant as she is!!!!

I know that she hasn’t confirmed it but boy is she sure showing. I understand people wanna hear it but come one you guys, she is showing us that yes she is in deed pregnant again.

I dont know the due date or anything but if you all hear about when let me know.

I wonder, Boy or Girl????


Can you believe its already been 9 months or so for Minnie Driver??? That went by fast.

Anyways, Minnie Driver is now a mommy!

She gave birth to a healthy little baby boy. His name is Henry Story Driver. He weighed 9lbs 12 oz. Oh my gosh is that a big baby or what!!! He was born in Los Angeles on Friday.

The daddy is still unknown, but apparently he is English. I dont think we will ever know really, but anyways, all I have to say to her is….

Congrats and best of luck!!


Funny man David Spade is now a proud daddy!!!

David Spade and his Playboy model girlfriend Jillian Grace are the proud parents to a little girl, who they have yet to tell us what her name is.

She was born last week in Missouri. From what I’ve read, he hasn’t even seen his little girl yet. But, he does plan on seeing her during his break from working on the set of Rules of Engagement.

If I hear about the baby’s name, weight etc. I will be sure to let you know.



I hate hearing sad news, especially when it comes to my family or the families of celebrities.

Dr. Dre, best known for his hip hop music and a mogul a lot of us would say, is mourning the death of his 20 year old son, Andre Young Jr., who was found “unresponsive” by his mother on Saturday.

The cause of death right now is not known but when I find out more information I will let you all know. His mother tried rousing him around 10:24 a.m. and when he wouldn’t respond she called 911.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Dre and his family.