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No, I don’t mean she has gone dark and dreary. I mean that she has gone brunette. She has become very popular for her roles in Zack and Cody and her ever so famous movies, High School Musical. Of course all of those roles were as a blonde. I am not sure that the new do suits her as I barely even recognized her. Hope she goes back soon, this could be a horrible decision.


I wanted to take a moment and talk about Dr. Chantal Burnison and her pharmaceutical company called Chantal Pharmaceuticals which has just released this new skin-rejuvenating molecule, Ethocyn. This is an ingredient that will soon be added to many products in time to come. It will help both men and women reduce the natural effects of aging on their skin’s appearance and that is what we all want. Seems Dr. Burnison’s search for the fountain of youth is getting much closer than anyone else though as this new molecule may change the literal face of the cosmetic and rejuvenation cream industry. Can’t wait to see it for sale in our stores.


I already mentioned to you all that I have oily skin. Well with that being said I have tried everything for oily skin for what seems like FOREVER.

Well, about 7 months ago I came across the Kinerase ad in a magazine and thought I look into it and possibly try it. They were having a deal. If you bought $100 worth you got their Gentle Daily Cleanser free. So I got it.

Here’s what happened. After about a week of using the products I broke out. O.k. so your thinking “I’ve broken out before while trying a new product, what’s the big deal” Well, let me say that I also have broken out before when trying a new product on my face, but never as bad as this. I broke out so bad that it left scars on my face and as of right now I still have three little pinkish scars on the right side by my temple. I was so embarrassed and my husband made comments about how bad my face looked. I am glad that I keep my hair down cause it was just too much to have to deal with. I also had to start wearing foundation again cause of it. I don’t mind the foundation and all but life was much easier in the morning. LOL!!!  It didn’t help my skin at all, it just made it worse.

My opinion, it should only be prescribed by a dermatologist! Yes, Courtney Cox (who is gorgous) and uses this product looks great, but she I’m sure has it prescribed to her. When you call to order they just take your order thats it. I was able to return the product and get my money back but was sad that something I paid a lot of money for did what it did.

So unless you go to a dermatologist and he recommends this product go for it, other than that you might wanna really think twice about it before you do. I’m not trying to down this product at all, just letting you all know that you might wanna ask your doctor first.


Let me start by saying that I am just gonna be blunt and honest with this blog.

I read InStyle’s magazine a couple of months ago about their 140+ best beauty buys. I was curious about their reviews on foundations so I tried what they said was the best. That product was the Laura Merciers oil free foundation cause I’ve got really oily skin. They said that “it sinks into skin nicely” I tried it and have to say I DISAGREE!!!

First of all when I put it on my finger tips it was really thick, I don’t like thick. Second, once I put it on my face it dried within seconds, and I mean it dried. I called one of the department stores where they sold the product and asked them why it does it and how to fix it, they told me that Laura Mercier is known for having to apply the makeup with a pad that it moist. That would mean, I would have to wet the pad (which I had to buy) apply the foundation to the pad and put it on my face and blend. Now let me say, that didn’t work! It took more time to put it on than I was willing to do, not only that it still dried just took a little bit longer to dry like lets say 5 seconds longer.

Needless to say, I returned the product and went with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Lite! I LOVE IT!!!!! Oh I will say and recommend that if you are looking for a primer, go with Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I swear by it!


Hey there! I was reading through one of my magazines and came across one page that read Getting Gorgeous. I was very interested in this cause one of the items they had on there was Smashbox O-Gloss Lip Gloss. I am really interested in buying it cause I have the most pale lips ever. NO LIE!!! But before I do I was wanting to know if any of you have tried it and if it is worth buying?

It says its a clear gloss that reacts with the moisture on our skin, develops into a rosy shade when it touches your lips. Also, it has great staying power.

I don’t wanna buy something for that amount and it not work you know what I mean??? If it says it is gonna change my lip color once it touches my lips it better do just that. LOL!!!

This gloss costs $22 and you can order it from Let me know if it works for all of you who have tried it.

Another item I was interested in trying was the Color On Instant Eye Shadow Applicators. What you do is press the patch against your eye lid and peel away. It looks pretty cool and all, you just use your finger to do some touch up. Again, if you’ve tried this product let me know your thoughts. It costs $20 for 10 pairs.  If your wondering where to buy that one you can go to


I just wanna know if anybody reading this has tried Victoria Beckhams new perfume “intimately”????

I am really interested in trying it but don’t know if it is even worth it.  The bottle looks cool and all and so does their picture. You know David and Victoria Beckham’s eye glaring ad.

If you have tried it I wanna know what you all think. I am sure it smells good and all cause nothing but the best comes from Victoria Beckham. Have you tried any of her clothing either?

Please, Please Please let me know all of your thoughts!!! I wanna know if it is worth buying with my hard earned money.


I recently wrote a post about the growing trend of plastic surgery and the amount of plastic surgery that is going on especially in the world of Hollywood. The thing is thought hat more and more people are getting plastic surgery all over the world. Most of them are coming to the states to get it done though as we have the best plastic surgeons in the world. After all when it comes to your body who would want anyone less than the best working on it? Hollywood is not the only place that great plastic surgeons are located though. When I did a recent search on popular plastic surgery locations I came up with cosmetic surgery Westchester, NY. Apparently there are some really good surgeons up in New York that are helping people as well. So if you are in New York you don’t necessarily have to travel across the country to get your work done.


I just can’t believe this and neither will you! Well I say that but you might believe it. I was on EXTRA’s website just now and I had to stop to write about it. One of their correspondents, Dayna Devon was reporting that there is no longer a need for injection fillers to get the “LOOK”, that your looking for. No more wrinkles for you missy!!!

Anyways, her husband, a plastic surgeon, has invented this new all age buster called Live Fill and what it is, is fat, let me say it again, FAT taken from your body and injected into the face. GROSS!!!!!

It is supposed to be a permanent fix that wipes away your wrinkles. I’m sorry but I do not know whether or not I wanna have fat taken from my butt and put into my face. If its only gonna be mine then yes I would do it but the sound of it is gross.If it really works maybe just maybe I would try it.

Do you wanna know how long and how much it takes? I can give you that. It takes about 1 hour and is $4000!!!!! Not too bad for a permanent fix wouldn’t you think?


I think everyone out there wishes they could look like a celebrity in one way or another. Maybe not to have the exact face of a celebrity but to have the appearance of a celebrity. To be beautiful enough to be recognized in public. For people to look at you and think she must be someone special. Personally i think a lot of that comes from knowing your way around makeup. I have seen America’s Next Top Model and I can tell you that most of those drop dead gorgeous models are nothing without makeup. If you were walking down the street and bumped into them with their makeup off you would just snub your nose and keep on going. So if you are looking for a celebrity or model-like face, start by really learning how to apply your makeup and there is no stopping you.


This is actually a leave in dry shampoo. I have never heard of a dry shampoo before so this is kind of new to me. I can tell you that there were several times were I came home and just barely had enough time to change before heading out the door again so I definitely didn’t have time to shower. I sure wish I had though as I hate leaving the house with that dirty oily hair feeling. Having some Salon Grafix SPShampoo on hand sure would have been great then.

They say that it is perfect for cleansing and refreshing your hair between normal shampoos or when you are on the go. There are some really great features that go with this shampoo. They say that it easily brushes off, it leaves your hair revitalized and fresh feeling, there is no white powder or oil residue and the best part is that when you are all done it leaves your hair clean and shiny. Personally I am a brunette so I am looking into their spray powder shampoo for brunette shades. I am going to pick some up and just keep it in my purse. Think about all of the times that keeping a bottle of Salon Grafix Dry Shampoo in your purse could come in handy, especially in those emergency situations where a shower is just not in the time schedule.