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Twins, Twins, Everywhere!!!

Lisa Marie had her babies, and they were twin girls!! How exciting it is to hear such great news about Lisa Marie Presley.

The little ones where born October 7th. They weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and 5 lbs 2oz. How tiny! The girls names are Finley and Harper. Cute names but dont they kinda sound like boy names???? Harper for sure Finley almost.

The babies names were confirmed by Lisa Marie’s Reps and confirmed to PEOPLE.

Congrats to the mommy and daddy!!


There are tons of expensive things out there. Things that we look at and drool over as we walk by the store window and other things that we look at and think to ourselves who in their right mind would spend that much money on something so ugly. I remember a little while back there was a purse that was released. This purse was said to have only had a couple of them made and each one was retailing for an insane amount of money. I believe JLo or one of the other big name celebs bought one and was sporting it around town. After I saw this purse however the only thing I could possibly think of, was how in her right mind did she spend that much money on something so awful. Well, my point is that we don’t all have to have money to look good. For instance, there is tons of nice fashion jewelry out there that can really dress up an outfit and make it look really good without spending a fortune on it. All you have to know is where to shop and more importantly have a little creativity when you do it. Then you too can look like a celebrity.