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There is a lot of drama out there that celebrities and athletes bring to the news media. From sex tapes to dwi’s to other forms of scandals. At the same time they bring great joy to a great deal of us on a regular basis. I mean, almost everyone I know can remember their very first sports event. I remember when my son was little I got two tickets to the San Francisco Giants game. He was four years and we went together and had a great time. It was one of those things that we will both remember forever and that is what celebrities and sports can do. Bring families together for a time of fun and memories like never before.

Well, I just found this site that allows people to log in and upload their favorite or most memorable sports videos and events. It is called SportsVids and they have some really cool videos on there already. Check out this funny video that I found where two teams really got into it on the field and it cleared the benches. I bet everyone at that game is going to remember that event. I know that I sure would.


Orioles fight the Red SoxClick here for more sports videos


Well, aren’t we all surprised. Apparently Adnan, Britney’s former paparazzi lover finally admitted that there is no sex tape with him and Britney. He made claims that there was a tape in existence that was filmed in Mexico and was shopping for the best deal. Well, the truth has come out and there is no tape as we all expected. Ooh, what a surprise.