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There are tons of different workout programs out there. Most of which are celebrity endorsed in some way or another. The thing is that ever person has to find the right workout. Not just the right workout in general but the right workout for them specifically. That means that some workout programs will work for some people and those same programs will not work for other people. That is because we are all different and our different body types react to different programs.

So I just came across this new program that is called XFLOWSION. This program is a new system that has had great results and I think it will work for a good portion of people out there. It has this thing called TRIPLE TRAINING. That means that is will actually workout three distinct areas in one easy convenient workout. It uses all forms of styles to do it from martial arts, power yoga, and even dance.

Celebrity trainer ERIC PASKEL, who has shaped up some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood is the face of this new program and I think it is going to be huge, so check it out. This might just be the program that you have been looking for some time now.



Clay Aiken finally did it, he stepped out of the closet. Well, let’s face it Clay has always been in the closet but at the same time the door was always very wide open. I mean it was no secret to anyone that he was in there at all. We were all waiting on the other side urging him to just take the step out. Now on the cover of people magazine he is admitting he is gay and I think it is a big step for him. We all know and no one really cares so he might as well be honest with himself.


If you haven’t seen this show before than this season is a perfect time to start. This season has both husbands and wives as well as parents and their children on the show. I have a lot of respect for these people as they have to go through an absolute hell to get back in shape. The fact that they lose almost 50% of their body weight while not using any sort of diet pills is insane to me. I can’t lose any weight even with diet pills. Seems I need to take some advice from them and just try and work it off. God, I don’t want to do that.


Okay I know a bit off topic. The thing is that I don’t just like to talk about celebrities but also about the things that celebrities have that make them the people we all want to be like. The cars, the houses, the expensive watches. The things you see every day and even the things that you never see. For instance I found that most celebrities have very high end humidifiers and air purifiers in their homes. I am not sure what kind these celebs use but I bet they are incredible. Personally I like the air o swiss humidifiers but that’s because they are a brand I can afford.


Seems everyone is losing one way or another. It is all across the board that celebrities are getting thinner and thinner. The recent premiere of the new 90210 has made people really start to look at some of these supposed teenage girl role models as way too thin for America’s own good. They were cast at 120 lbs and aired the first episode weighing as little as 90 lbs. I am not sure if these girls were taking weight loss pills or what but there is something wrong when you drop 25% of your body in a couple of months.


Two hours 23 minutes and 28 secs is how long it took Jennifer Lopez to finish her triathlon.

Good for her!! I have been wanting to do something like that for a long time and now that I know she did it makes me wanna go out start training and doing one myself.

Jennifer Lopez did it for charity. The charity she chose was Children’s Hospital of L.A. and raised $127,000.

She said that while she was pregnant, she was watching a triathlon and said hey, I can do that, so she did!! Great Job Jennifer Lopez, we love you!!


Billy Martin, the guitarist from Good Charlotte, is gonna be a daddy!!!

He announced on his website that he and his wife Linzi, who have been married for almost a year and dating for 8, are gonna be parents.

The baby is due in January of next year.

How exciting, don’t you think? He did say that, “I was shocked, but excited”!! I think a lot of people know what he is feeling right now. I wish them a very exciting 9 months and many wondrous adventures with their little one.


Jennifer Hudson is now engaged!!!

I bet she couldn’t be any happier right now, don’t you think? I mean to come from a American Idol contestant to a Oscar/Golden Globe winner to now being engaged. Thats just great news to hear.

Her boyfriend, David Otunga, proposed Friday night with a Neil Lane diamond. How sweet is that? Oh by the way it was also her birthday. Yep, he proposed on her 27th birthday. That’s a really cool birthday gift, a Neil Diamond ring!!!

Congrats to the happily new engaged couple!


Two Wall Street firms are accused of a huge tax-shelter fraud. It seemed like the perfect deal for show business personalities and other wealthy investors. Two Wall Street firms promised to put their money into safe, high-yielding Government securities. Then they said that the brokerage houses, they would manage the accounts so that customers would get large income tax deductions. Among the 88 investors enticed into laying out at least $600,000 apiece in cash and notes to one of the firms were Actor Sidney Poitier, Television Producer Norman Lear and Composer Henry Mancini. In the end it was all a big scam, about 130 million worth of scam. I am sure that there is going to be some serious financial reporting going on from now on.


I don’t know if anyone out there has this new toy by mac yet but if not you have to at the very least check it out. The thing is known for being lighter than air and it practically is. It doesn’t have a lot of features and it could use a little laptop memory to beef it up but for what you get its not bad.